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The Vokillist RETURNS!! - Detroit Backyard Wrestling Ep. 11

Match 1
The newcomer, CJ Beretta takes on Unknown in an effort to make a name for himself in DBW. Will he be able to overcome this crazy clown?
Match 2
Reunited again, The Cause looks to take out their greatest enemy: Diablo Frost. But how will Vinny Vendetta get revenge on the demon, especially when he's not at 100 percent???
Match 3
Vokillist will try to put down The Big Dog to show he truly is the BEST in DBW, and regain his spot in the Heavyweight Champion tournament.

A BRUTAL Punishment | Detroit Backyard Wrestling Ep. 12

Things are heating up here in the yard as we roll on towards the end of season one
Match One
The Beastmaster sends another rookie at The Natural's winning streak. How will Coalt overcome Drake's unorthodox smashmouth style?
This intense triple threat will be a proving ground for CJ Beretta, as he's thrown headfirst into a battle with two of the top competitors in DBW
Match Three
The Beastmaster has booked himself in the main event of tonight's show, intent on punishing Pvt. Willy for his transgressions against J. Demise. But something is... off... with Willy. Will the Beastmaster be able to put down this unhinged animal?

The Heavyweight Championship QUARTERFINALS | Detroit Backyard Wrestling Ep. 13

Match 1
CJ Beretta takes on The Natural as our general manager The BEASTMASTER throws another rookie at the veteran.
Match 2
Vokillist is looking to move up the ranks in DBW by proving that no matter what Damien Frost has to say, he is still THE BEEEEST in the company
Match 3
A Fatal Fiveway is the only match that could possibly contain the Big Dog. with Jason Test, Mr. Dye, The Beastmaster, and Diablo in the ring, this will surely be his toughest competition yet
Match 4
The Heavyweight Championship QUARTERFINALS between Private Willy and Chris Savage. Newly returned to the ring, Savage is looking to prove himself after a long hiatus due to injury. Will Private Willy be able to keep it together long enough to win the Heavyweight championship?

The stage is set for the next DBW champion, Episode 14

The stage is set for the next DBW champion, Episode 14

No Thanks Given | DBW episode 15

The biggest show of DBW season 1, where all the biggest feuds from this summer get blown off and we crown the DBW World Heavyweight Champion!
We kick off the night with a Six-pack elimination challenge, where the winner will be inserted into the main event for a shot at the DBW heavyweight title!
A Hazardous match for the Hazardous Championship! Devin Drake, Kyle Keplin, and CJ Beretta will battle it out in this brutal match to determine the first ever Hazardous Champion!
Match 3
The Natural Coalt Williams and The Beastmaster face off in this long-awaited match. After ducking the Natural for weeks The Beastmaster was forced to accept a challenge for a Last Man Standing Match. Here, all their differences will culminate in a violent blowout to determine the biggest bruiser in the company.
Match 4
A COFFIN MATCH as the owner of the company, J. Demise, takes on long-time rival Private Willy. This history between these men is palpable. While Willy has put Demise away before, now they're trying to put each other away for good.
Match 5
The FIRST EVER DBW World Heavyweight Championship match! Featuring Chris Savage, who won his way into this match through the heavyweight championship tournament, and the Big Dog, who threatened his way into the match. However the unknown factor is the mystery opponent from tonight's six-pack challenge! Who will get a shot at the title? How will that change the dynamic between the biggest wrestler in DBW, and the man with the biggest pain tolerance?

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