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Detroit Backyard Wrestling Ep.6

MATCH 1 - Singles Match
The Big Dog vs. Kid Diamond
MATCH 2 - Tag Team
Afro Willy (Leo Wilson) & Damien Diablo Frost vs. The Cause (Vinny Vendetta & Vokillist)
MATCH 3 - Apology Match
Mr.McGee vs. "The Accursed" J. Demise
MATCH 4 - Singles Match
Eddie "The Beastmaster" Mac vs. "The Natural" Coalt Williams

Detroit Backyard Wrestling Ep.7

Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman, to Detroit Backyard Wresltling
MATCH 1 - Battle Royal
"The Jersey Angel" Jason Test vs. Chris Savage vs. Eddie "The Beastmaster" Mac vs. "The Natural" Coalt Williams vs. Bobby vs. The Big Dog vs. Unknown vs. Mr.Dye vs. Pvt.Willy (Leo Wilson)
Match 2
Afro Willy and Coalt the Natural Williams face off in a match booked by the new General Manager. '
Match 3
Jason Test, desperate to get out of his funk, takes on the biggest and baddest man on the roster, the Big Dog. Will he be able to overcome this man mountain and prove himself in the DBW ring?
Match 4
Chris Savage take on Mr. Dye in an effort to break his losing streak. Desperate to become a better wrestler, he needs a win over one of the top competitors in the company.
Match 5
Eddie the Beastmaster Mac squares off with Vokillist, trying to keep the momentum from his recent string of wins going, and trying to get away from his losses to the Natural.
Match 6
J. Demise has a match with a mystery opponent. Who is willing to step to the Boss?


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Detroit Backyard Wrestling!
Match 1
The Big Dog calls out Mr. Dye after last week's battle royale. Mr. Dye orchestrated the offense against him, and the Big Dog is out to prove he's the number one contender to the Detroit Backyard Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
Match 2
Eddie the Beastmaster Mac keeps throwing opponents at The Natural Coalt Williams, this week in the form of Chris Savage. Will The Natural be able to withstand this Savage attack?
Match 3
Willy and Vokillist try to survive the brutal onslaught from J. Demise as he has chosen his next two victims.
Match 4
Eddie the Beastmaster Mac looks to keep his momentum going after his victory last week. He's handpicked his next opponent, Jason Test, as an "opportunity" for the young rookie.

Our GM is Waging WAR!! | Detroit Backyard Wrestling Ep. 9

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to DBW!
Match 1
Eddie The Beastmaster Mac has a special challenge in store for The Natural. Can Coalt Williams take on this unknown opponent?
Match 2
Dablo Frost is the next person to step to the challenge of the Big Dog. Pissed off that this fan thinks he can live in the demon's world, Frost plans to teach him a lesson he'll never forget.
Match 3
Tired of The Natural's games, The Beastmaster has arranged an 8-Man tag team match to put the old dog down once and for all.

Drunk verses blind?! Episode 10 is here!

Here we have Willy V Mr.Dye in a first time ever matchup!
Jason Test takes on the unpredictable Unknown!
Then the Beast-master attempts to tame DBW's biggest beast, The Big Dog!
Who do you think wins each of these match-ups? Will J.Demise get retribution for the attack from Willy last episode? Watch and stayed tuned for more Detroit Backyard Wrestling!!

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